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The F9 Chiropractic Business Growth System

We help you Acquire more patients, increase conversions and maximise the long-term value (LTV) per client

Discover our step-by-step chiropractic business growth marketing system to help you increase positive cashflow, working capital and  net profits. We help you become the obvious local choice for chiropractic care by leveraging the power of authority marketing.

A Brief Overview Of Our Three Signature Steps:



This step is designed to set you apart from your competitors whilst attracting more of your ideal patients. Your patients will be given a clear and compelling reason for dealing with you over other clinics in your space.


This step makes the most of everything, by uncovering all existing and hidden chiropractic marketing assets and placing them inside the F9 chiropractic business growth system to ensure healthy returns whilst strengthening brand loyalty.


This steps takes your marketing to the next level by implementing highly profitable growth hacks to ensure predictable, sustainable and measurable growth. Replicate and automate the sales process to greatly accelerate growth.
On-point USP​
1. Acquire More Patients

✓  On-point USP​

Setting you apart from your competition to be the part

✓  Branding​​

Aligning and elevating your branding to look the part

✓  Laser Targeting​​

Effectively reaching your ideal client with the perfect message

✓  Margin Optimisation​​

To help you increase profits doing what you do now

✓  Lead Generation​

Attracting the ideal client by dialling into their mind

✓  SEO & MAP listing​

Making sure you get found fast when it matters most

2: Leverage All Assets

✓  F9 Marketing System

Your own marketing system for Predictable, measurable, sustainable results

✓  Engagement Strategies

Staying constantly in the fore-front of your client’s mind requires engagement

✓  Direct Marketing

Targeting ideal prospects with the right message and offer at the right time

✓  Epic Endorsements

Creating endorsements that get you in front of more prospective clients

✓  Glowing Referrals​

The art of making your clients your loyal highly effective sales force

✓  Add Management

Paid advertising done right is a highly leveraged client acquisition method

F9 Marketing System 2
Sales Blueprinting
3: Scale Your Business

✓  Sales Blueprinting

 The custom build sales playbook for ongoing business development success

✓  Sales Training

Having a highly effective sales force requires specialist training

✓  Conversion Optimisation

The art of getting more out of what you already have

✓  Sales Funnel Creation

 A solid sales funnel creates predictable, scalable, measurable results

✓  Authority Marketing​

 Become the obvious choice in your industry, the authoritative voice

✓  Authority Book Creation

 Having your own book makes you an author and strongly positions you as an expert

Three important reasons for choosing F9 Marketing:​

Systematic growth project-by-project with guaranteed results!

The F9 Marketing System

The F9 Marketing System

Systematic, predictable and measurable growth using an evergreen tried tested and proven marketing system.​
Project-by-Project Delivery

Effective & Efficient Marketing

We identify the points of maximum leverage to ensure we do the right things at the right time in the right way.
Guaranteed Results

ROI-driven Business Growth

Getting a healthy return on investment (ROI) on all sales and marketing activities is paramount to ensure long term, sustainable growth.​


Let us show you how

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F9 is a marketing system designed to deliver a sustainable competitive advantage and grow your chiropractic clinic in three ways: more patients, more conversions, more value per client. This promotes exponential growth in the form of increased cashflow, working capital and profits.


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At F9 Marketing we help mission-driven Chiropractors become the Obvious Local Choice, attract more Ideal Clients, Optimise Conversions and Maximise the life-time value per Patient, without spending more on advertising.



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