Authority Marketing for Chiropractors

Ready to become the obvious local choice?

Ready to Grow your Chiropractic Clinic predictably and consistently?

Increase the number of patients, optimise the conversion rates from rof to care and maximise the life-time-value (LTV) per client. The F9 Marketing system addresses all three areas to help you maximise the business growth of your clinic.


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Want an ROI-focused way to grow your chiropractic clinic?

F9 Authority Marketing for Chiropractors service, is a digital marketing system specially designed to help you increase your Positive Cashflow, Working Capital and Profits by focusing on what matters: 

  • Steady flow of New Patients (Leads)
  •  Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
  • Maximising the LTV per Client (LTV)

There are just over 3,348 chiropractors in the UK alone. With chiropractic services competing amongst each other and a steady increase in alternative options, competition is fierce. Thanks to online discount vouchers the price for a check-up and perceived value of care has plummeted…


How do you go from being 'a Chiropractor', competing on price to becoming 'The Chiropractor' offering a highly valued service people want? you’re not just competing on price.

“By positioning you and your brand as The Expert and Authority in your local market. This will make you the obvious choice for chiropractic care.”

We’re releasing breakthrough Authority Marketing Services to help you stand-out ‘head and shoulder’ above your competition so you can Dominate Your Local Market.

When you become the Obvious Chiropractic Expert, clients will be willing to pay more, recognising the quality and value of your services, stay longer and tell more people about you. 

…If it was easy everybody would be doing it

F9 Authority Marketing services have been carefully designed to help you carve out that unique and special position in your local market to propel the growth of your chiropractic clinic.

Let us elevate and position your brand, to attract more ideal clients, whilst you focus on changing their lives...

When your clients know that you are The Authority in your field, you will be inspired to be the very best Doctor in Chiropractic you can be.

Authority Marketing helps you attract more of your ideal clients:

  • Clients who rate you and your service very highly.
  • Clients who make you feel special, even bake you a cake.*
  • Clients who introduce their entire family to your clinic.
  • Clients who get amazing results.
  • Clients who write 5-star google reviews spontaneously.
  • Clients who are top referrers for your Clinic.
  • Clients who are super consistent.
  • Clients who provide maximum long-term value.
  • Clients who see you as their chiropractor for life.

How would you feel if every month you acquired more of those ideal clients?

*No we can’t guarantee your clients will bake you a cake.
 …We can however Guarantee an ROI.

Schedule your strategy call to explore if we’re a good fit and how we can help you scale Your Business.

Note: If you go ahead an order, you will become a priority client. However we still have to evaluate if this is a good fit. If it's not you will be refunded in full.

Authority Launch

Silver Package
£ 997 One-Off
  • Professional GMB profile and compelling description of your services will help you attract ideal clients and give your ranking a Boost. This is the foundational work for any serious player in digital marketing. Definitely a great start!
  • GMB Optimisation
  • Schema for Google
  • High DA Backlinks
  • Asset Optimisation
  • Citations +
  • Authoritative Media Release

Authority Booster

Gold Package
£ 747 Monthly
  • Great Inbound Call Generator. We build High Trust, Relevance and Authority for your clinic to attract ideal Clients. One carefully placed Authority Content Release every month to increase traffic and boost rankings.
  • Inbound Call Generation
  • Authority Content Creation
  • High DA Backlinks
  • KW Ranking Optimisation
  • Lead Generation
  • Authority Media Release

Authority FastTrack

Platinum Package
£ 1,497 Monthly
  • If you're committed to Grow your Clinic fast, this is for you. We do a strong monthly Authority Content Release which we place strategically. Your PPC is managed for you as part of the package. Monthly call provides expertise, focus and accountability, partnering in your success.
  • Monthly Strategy Call
  • Authority Content Creation
  • Strategic Placements
  • High DA BackLinks
  • KW Ranking Optimisation
  • Inbound Lead Generation
  • Ongoing Sales Training
  • Monthly Video Syndication
  • Bonus* Google PPC Managed
Best Value
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