Sales Training for Chiropractors & Teams

Stop wasting leads through a leaky sales funnel!

F9 Sales Training

Sales training is one of the most effective ways to Increase your Revenue

The only 3 ways to grow Your Chiropractic Clinic:

  • 1. Get more new patients
  • 2. Increase conversion rates
  • 3. Maximise Lifetime Value

You and your team should know how to get prospective clients to choose your Clinic over the three most common alternatives:

  • Do nothing
  • Use alternative therapies
  • Use another Chiropractor

After completing the sales training, you and your team will be able to clearly articulate your competitive advantage and help prospects:

  • Choose your Clinic over doing nothing
  • Choose your Clinic over other therapies
  • Choose your Clinic over your Competitors

At F9 Marketing we provider Chiropractic Sales Training in the following 3 areas:


Sales Training for Chiropractors

This is suitable for Chiropractors looking to take their sales skills to the next level to increase their conversion rates and maximise the lifetime value per client. It’s delivered as a one-on-one remote or face-to-face coaching session.

Sales Training for Chiropractors Outcomes:

  • Learn and clearly articulate what you do as a Chiropractor
  • Overcome limiting mindsets and impostor syndrome
  • Clearly position and elevate your offering as the obvious choice
  • Have a clearly structured process
  • Master the art of clean language
  • Optimise your conversion rates on the ROF
  • Embody the golden sales for communication mastery

Sales Training for Chiropractic Assistants (CAs)

This is a perfect training program to get your CAs up-to-speed in the art of sales and communication. Each module will teach your CA’s critical key skills for successfully increase the conversion rates and maximise cross selling, upselling, down selling, referrals, and more.

Sales Training for CAs Outcomes:

  • Clearly articulating what Chiropractors do
  • Integrating your on-point usp in the sales conversations
  • Handling enquiries and walk-ins
  • Call answering and following up
  • Recall phone calls and reactivation calls
  • Basic and advanced objection handling
  • How to sell more with zero sales pressure

Sales Training for Screeners

This training course is ideal for creating and developing a dedicate screening team. Suitable for internal staff who are looking to do occasional screenings as well as dedicated screeners. Staff will learn advanced screening and sales techniques guaranteed to bring in a consistent stream of new patients. A very powerful way for consistently growing your practice.

Sales Training for Screeners Outcomes:

  • Master the 4-stage Sales process
  • Learn to engage & prospect for new patients
  • Develop a positive winning mindset
  • Position your Clinic as the obvious local choice
  • Perform posture screenings that wow people
  • Be able to handle common objections
  • Master the golden sales rules
  • Embody the art of inbound selling
  • Seize Corporate Opportunities
  • Upselling and cross-selling

Increase your Clinic's ROI in as little as 7 days by investing in sales training for your team

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