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Authority Marketing Services for Chiropractors Launches Sept 2019 – F9 Marketing

Post by Admin || On September 5, 2019 ||

Earlier today, F9 Marketing announced the launch of its new Authority Marketing services for Chiropractors, set to go live 26/09/2019. For anyone with even the slightest interest in growing their Chiropractic Clinic, this new development will be worth paying attention to, as it’s set to shake things up.

It’s common knowledge that the chiropractic industry is fiercely competitive and clinics are often competing on price as most clinics are targeting the same or very similar demographic. This has caused Chiropractic services to become highly commoditised. Most of our competitors typically promote a very low price which brings in new patients but erodes the perceived value of the service in the long term. According to the owner of F9 MarketingGiorgio Silberberg, “The value of our offer is in the integrated approach and the unique system, we understand how to position the clinic as a high value service. We produce and leverage quality content using our proprietary system and this combination is what makes the difference. A system brings an element of consistency, predictability, focus and effectiveness that is key to the success of a chiropractic clinic.”, makes a point of saying “things are going to change when our brand new ROI focused Authority Marketing service for Chiropractic Clinics launches”.


“Where you’ll see our competitors doing the same old thing, we will position and elevate our clients to become the obvious local choice. We do this because we believe in enhancing the clinic’s brand and showcases the unique expertise and value patients can come to expect. This increases trust and authority which helps attract more ideal clients without relying constantly on paid advertising and outbound methods. Ultimately this is will be a tremendous benefit to our customers because they will become visible and more desirable to their prospective clients. It’ll help increase the number of inbound leads whilst creating a strong online reputation and ranking. This will help chiropractic clinics become the obvious local choice.”


F9 Marketing was established in April 2016. It has been doing business 3 years and 4 months and it aims to help ambitious Chiropractic Clinics gain the exposure that is normally reserved only to large organisations.


Currently, the closest thing to F9’s Authority Marketing Service for Chiropractors is to have a dedicated content marketer working around the clock for you. This is of course prohibitively expensive. F9 Marketing improved on this by creating a system that distils and perfects the marketing message making it part of all future communications. By creating authoritative content the clinic becomes the authoritative voice in their local market. This ensures that chiropractors and owner operators using the system will attract, rather than chase patients. This factor alone is predicted to make F9 Marketing’sdone-for-you services for Chiropractors extremely popular amongst owner operators in the Chiropractic space.

Once again, the F9 Authority Marketing Service for Chiropractors is set to launch 26/09/2019. To find out more visit:


F9 is a marketing system designed to deliver a sustainable competitive advantage and grow your chiropractic clinic in three ways: more patients, more conversions, more value per client. This promotes exponential growth in the form of increased cashflow, working capital and profits.


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At F9 Marketing we help mission-driven Chiropractors become the Obvious Local Choice, attract more Ideal Clients, Optimise Conversions and Maximise the life-time value per Patient, without spending more on advertising.



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