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Grow Your Chiropractic Clinic In Three Ways &

Become the Obvious Local Choice
for Chiropractic Care

"Attract more of your ideal patients, increase your conversions and maximise the life time value"

Dramatically increase your profits, working capital and positive cashflow by fast forwarding the growth of your business. 

There are only 3 ways
to grow your business:

1) Increase the number of leads

2) Increase lead conversion rates

3) increase the value per customer

“The value is in the system, that’s what makes the difference. A system brings an element of consistency, predictability, focus and effectiveness that is key to the success of your chiropractic clinic.”

Authority Marketing For Chiropractors

“All wealth is based upon systems”

Dan Kennedy, author and marketing coach

F9 Marketing has been specially designed and tested across different industries and continents to grow your business in all three ways using a unique lean marketing system. It consists of nine distinct factors each made up of methodical step-by-step processes designed to deliver maximum growth to your business without spending more money on advertising. We help you acquire clients, leverage all existing marketing assets and scale your business, depending on what level you’re at in your business.

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Research & Discovery

Our in-depth discovery and research process provides insight and alignment to develop a strong and sustainable competitive advantage.

Lead Generation

We identify the ideal target client and design the most effective and profitable way for attracting prospects into your sales funnel.

Conversion Optimisation

We maximise the conversion rate from prospects to paying clients to get the most out every inbound and generated lead coming into your sales funnel.

Maximise Value.

We help you maximise the frequency of purchase and average purchase value as well as the long-term value per customer to optimise profits.


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Google Ads Partners and MS Ads Certified

At F9 Marketing, we are proud to be a Google Ads Partner and MS Ads Certified. With our expertise, we can help your business unlock its full potential by increasing online visibility, driving targeted traffic, and maximizing your return on investment. Our data-driven strategies and in-depth analytics ensure that you get the best results possible.
"Partnering for Success: Google Partner Certification"
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"Certified in Microsoft Advertising for Shopping Campaigns"
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"Microsoft Advertising Native Display Certification Achievement"

What Our

Clients Say...

  • Giorgio was great, he offered excellent advice and training. If you are a chiropractor and would like help communicating chiropractic to patients, the benefits and getting them the care they need and desire then I would highly recommend him to you.

    Antonio Vernaschi Avatar Antonio Vernaschi
  • I've got nothing but praise for Giorgio and the F9 marketing company. With the time I've had with him he has boosted my knowledge and capabilities in chiropractic sales and bettered me as a Chiropractor in ways that I couldn't have imagined. I'm extremely grateful and hope to continue working together in the foreseeable future. He has an incredibly profound understanding of the complexities that come with communication, expression, language, ideals (just to name a few, the list goes on) both in sales/marketing and outside of it. Plus to top it off his panache is matched only by his level of punctuality, organisation and kindness. I would without a doubt recommend Giorgios and F9 marketing for any sales/marketing training.

    Henrique Esteves Chong Avatar Henrique Esteves Chong
  • F9 marketing is a high class training organisation, I after experiencing the delivery of a five hour training session by Georgio I felt my posture screening and sales skill delivery was on point. He explained things very clearly and was easy to understand. After attending geogios training session he gave me the tools to sell with confidence with a strong positive mindset. The results speak for themselves Highly recommended f9 marketing sales training.

    Angela Soiza Avatar Angela Soiza
  • First class service delivery. Giorgio is done amazing job since I started with him The website design and copywriting was excellent. l Highly recommend their services.

    Tom Bagaza Avatar Tom Bagaza
  • Giorgio is a great person. He's helped me grow from my initial 31 orders to 457, now charge up to 10x more than I used to. My clients are of a much better quality now. He's helped me when I was about to give up on my dream and had only a tiny bit of work. He taught me how to grow and achieve my Goal in life to become a full-time freelancer. I've been doing it now for over two years, and I am still using the ideas, techniques and strategies which he showed me, he really is a top consultant. Nice communication with strong logical thinking. I am so happy now. =) You are a great mentor. Thank you once again, God Bless You.

    Mahi Logoartist Avatar Mahi Logoartist
  • Giorgio is the ultimate in dedication and professionalism. His tenacity and focus is matched only by his warmth and professionalism. Giorgio must be credited for his marketing knowledge and input. The press release he painstakingly put together for us had a far-reaching impact. Giorgio is a gem and we will always go to him for our marketing needs!

    Sadia Barlow Avatar Sadia Barlow
  • I have worked with Giorgio on a number of projects and he's done an outstanding job every time. Always goes that extra mile not only on the project but my understanding of the technical side too. I can strongly recommend you speak to him and find out how he can help you!

    Jason Hayward Avatar Jason Hayward
  • One of the smartest people I have ever met. F9 marketing has helped take my business to a higher level and I'm excited to where it goes next. The process has felt honest, safe and effective ! I would highly recommend ! 5 star service

    Sanvirh Maharaj Avatar Sanvirh Maharaj
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F9 is a marketing system designed to deliver a sustainable competitive advantage and grow your chiropractic clinic in three ways: more patients, more conversions, more value per client. This promotes exponential growth in the form of increased cashflow, working capital and profits.


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At F9 Marketing we help mission-driven Chiropractors become the Obvious Local Choice, attract more Ideal Clients, Optimise Conversions and Maximise the life-time value per Patient, without spending more on advertising.



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