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17 Proven Chiropractic Marketing Ideas

for Optimal Practice Growth


In this article titled: '17 Proven Chiropractic Marketing Ideas for Optimal Practice Growth' we'll delve into some of the best tried, tested, and proven marketing strategies and tactics to help chiropractic clinics to grow and expand their reach. With the right approach, chiropractors can not only attract new patients but also nurture relationships with existing ones.

In this article, we will delve into 17 proven chiropractic marketing ideas and digital marketing tactics that can elevate your marketing campaigns and take your practice to new heights. From building a compelling website to fostering community engagement, each strategy plays a vital role in creating a thriving and successful chiropractic business.

Chiropractic Marketing Idea Categories

In the realm of chiropractic marketing, a clinic is a type of local business. This means you have a physical address represented by your NAP (Name, address, Phone number) and should have a website and Google profile (GBP ) at the very least so your clinic has a chance of appearing in Google Maps and local organic search results.

Before you go and write a winning chiropractic marketing plan, It's useful to understand the distinctions between marketing strategy, marketing campaign, and marketing tactics.
A marketing strategy encompasses your overarching approach, outlining your long-term goals and the general methods you'll employ to achieve them.
A marketing campaign , on the other hand, is a more focused initiative with a specific objective, often involving a series of coordinated actions across various channels.
A marketing tactic or tactics are the individual actions and tools employed within a campaign, such as social media posts, email newsletters, or workshops.

17 Proven Chiropractic Marketing Ideas

1. Develop Your Unique Selling Proposition

You've heard it said that 'Content is King ' but how do you make great chiropractic content that is on-brand, reflects your core values, promotes your business, and is useful to existing and potential clients? You start by distilling down what you're clinic is all about, and what makes your delivery of chiropractic care different from how other Clinics deliver care. Your mission, vision, and the core value you provide, your uniqueness, and why clients should come to your Clinic instead of going elsewhere. What do your ideal clients say about you?
In other words what sets your chiropractic practice apart? Craft a clear and compelling unique selling proposition that highlights your specialized techniques, credentials, experienced team, special fields of interest, what satisfied patients rave about, and more. The brand name , strap line , elevator pitch and copy should reflect your USP to set you apart from your local competition and other solutions to client's muscular skeletal issues.

2. Have a Conversion Optimised Website

Your chiropractic website is more than just a glorified online brochure it's a digital representation of your business, your store-front, and often the first or second place new potential clients go to learn more. Make sure the design is on-brand and reflects your USP and brand personality.

Embed some great video content such as explainer videos (what to expect when you come to our Clinic), video testimonials and get a widget that shows your Google and Facebook reviews directly on your website so they can make an informed purchase decision right there.

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Use authentic high-quality pictures (not stock images) and include strong call to actions (CTA s) that link to 'click-to-call ' buttons and 'Book Online ' buttons that integrate with your CRM preferably. Treat your chiropractic website as your digital storefront and monitor and improve conversions.

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Start by ensuring it is easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and equipped with clear calls-to-action (CTA s) for seamless appointment booking. Measure what happens on the site using Google Analytics so that you can make informed decisions.

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3. Make It Easy for New Patients to Book Online

There's a finite number of local Chiropractic Patients to go around each month. To maximise every opportunity, have a way for clients to book their new patient examination (first visit) appointment directly online, preferably on your website.
This ensures that the hyperactive, super-hot prospects can get straight into your diary. Streamline the booking process with an intuitive online system that lets new patients select their preferred chiropractor and appointment time hassle-free. The CRM should then integrate to send an automated confirmation SMS and Email . This reduces doubt and minimises no-shows.

4. Optimise Your Google Business Profile (GBP)

Search engine marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) is always going to play a pivotal role in terms of where you appear on the search results. Many clinic owners are not aware that there's also 'local SEO '. This type of SEO helps attract clients with very high purchase intent through MAPS and GBP.
Enhance your online visibility by providing accurate business information, high-quality images, and encouraging patients to leave positive reviews on your Google Profile (GBP) which was formerly called Google My Business.
Treat Local SEO for the GBP as you do for normal SEO efforts for another website by posting regularly, uploading pictures, liking, and responding to client reviews. Posting updates and events and linking to blog posts and landing pages from GBP to your main site. Doing this regularly improves your local visibility on MAPs which means locals searching for your services can find you faster when typing things like 'chiropractor near me '.

5. Grow and Develop Your Online Review Profile

Growing and developing your online review profile, specifically on Google and Facebook is a powerful local SEO strategy.

Whitespark's seo analysis unveiled a remarkable insight: online reviews wield a 17% influence for Map Pack rankings and 5% impact for local organic ranking. (Source: WhiteSpark)

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Guess the first place a potential new client goes to check out your 'online reputation '? 9 times out of 10 Google reviews to see how many reviews you have and what patients are writing about you.

84% of customers trust online reviews as they do friends (source: Inc.)

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Leverage the power of patient testimonials and reviews to build credibility and trust. Request reviews, respond professionally, and share them on your digital platforms. You can also 'like' reviews on your Google Profile, to help those reviews perform better.

6. Use Offers and Promotions Wisely

For a sale to take place the client must have a need, a want, and the means. Sharing attractive offers and timely promotions will increase the want and reduce the investment required for taking that all important first step (reducing the barrier to entry).
Doing quarterly promotions and end-of-month close out offers can help you increase monthly sales . Attract new patients with limited-time offers and discounts . Promote these offers through email updates, paid traffic, social media posts, and community outreach to move prospects along the client journey into becoming first time buyers. This means they have gone from being a prospect to becoming a customer .

7. Paid Traffic Strategies (Google, MS Ads and Facebook)

In the world of Chiropractic Advertising or 'pay to play' Google AdWords (Google Ads ) and Facebook's paid ads platform (now called Meta), lead the way. It is said that a business that can afford the most to acquire a new client and is willing to invest (provided they make a healthy return on investments) wins! Pay-per-Click (PPC ) strategies, when done well, can be a quality new patient generation channel.

Around 80% of internet users see ads through Google's Display Network daily, and 65% of small B2B companies gain customers this way. (Source: Gitnux)

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Google Ads and MS Ads can help you attract high purchase intent ideal clients within your target audience by serving the right message in the right way at the right time to the right person.

Social Paid traffic with Fb Ads in the lead, followed by Instagram and TikTok Ads and others are powerful because social is more personal, we go there to look up what friends and family are up to, so our guard is down a little bit. Facebook Advertising disrupt a user from casually scrolling with a compelling message and offer.

63.7% of Americans over the age of 13 are exposed to Facebook ads (Source: Social Pilot)

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At F9 Marketing we provide tried, tested, and proven done-for-you paid strategies to ensure ROI-driven growth to help you grow and scale your clinic.

8. Measure and Improve

Make sure you're measuring the things that matter. What we focus on tends to improve, so focus on the things that move the needle. How many inbound enquiries today, how many of those booked in the diary? Keep it simple.

How many new patient examinations booked , how many converted (Conversion% ), what is the Average Order Value (AOV ). What is a client's lifetime value (LTV)? Armed with some solid numbers you can work out the return on investment of your marketing efforts and make data-driven-decisions.

9. Improve Conversion Rates on the ROFs through Sales Training

Improving the sales performance, particularly during the ROF is one of the fastest way of boosting your Clinics income. Higher conversion rates during the Report of Findings (ROF ) not only help you make a bigger impact they accelerate business growth. Selling more frequently and at a higher price point across the board will help you make the most out of every new patient that comes through the door.

55% of salespeople lack basic sales skills (Source: Spotio)

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Getting professional sales training can help you grow in this area and act as a practice growth accelerator method. Equip your practitioners with the skills to sell and communicate outcome based results clearly in an authentic way, following a tried, tested, and proven process. Rather than fumbling objections and stalling the sale, a sales trained Chiropractor will expect and handle objections proficiently.
At F9 Marketing we provide Sales Training for Chiropractors and Chiropractic Teams. Stop wasting valuable leads through a leaky sales funnel.

10. Setup and Nurture Referral Partners

Build strong referral relationships with surrounding businesses that align with chiropractic. What that means is that the ideal referral partner will be a nearby business who has access to a similar demographic you're targeting but without being in direct competition.
Choose quality over quantity. Better to have a few golden referral partners than tens of inactive ones. Maintain regular communication with the owner and express gratitude for referrals wherever possible.

11. Promote Client Referrals

Motivate existing patients to refer friends and family by offering attractive rewards for doing so is one most effective marketing tactics also known as word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing. Because the person referring to you already knows, likes, and trusts you this is particularly powerful and results in higher conversion rates and AOV. Make it super easy for them to refer others to the clinic. Try to gamify the process by offering attractive referral incentives at specific milestones.

Referred customers are 4X more likely to refer more customers to your brand. (Source: Annexcloud)

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Patient Appreciation Days are events clinics can organize to thank patients, fostering loyalty and community. These events cultivate loyal promoters —satisfied patients who recommend the practice to others, generating organic referrals. Appreciation events fuel a cycle of advocacy, enhancing patient referrals and building lasting community connections.

Showcase the benefits of your referral programs and run 'referral promotions ' from time to time to create a buzz. Things like a half-day spa, a weekend away for two, or a nice dinner at a local restaurant can spark that competitive edge needed for making referral campaigns a success.

12. Setup Strategic Alliances (Medical Practice & GP Referrals)

Collaborate with medical offices and healthcare professionals such as nurses , GPs and dental surgeries to establish an effective long-term referral program.
Consider organising wellness events for NHS staff and GP Practices and stay in touch regularly. Thank them promptly to recognise when a successful referral has been made and do something to make the person referring the patient, look like a hero for doing so. The grass is greenest where it's watered so make sure to regularly water your strategic alliance partners.

13. Use Email and Social to Stay in Touch with Existing Clients

SMM or social media marketing is one of the marketing pillars of a strong overall chiropractic marketing strategy. Rather than looking at it as a content creation chore, think about it as a way to stay in touch with your existing clients and attract new ones. You can take the content already created and share it via social or email.
Start sharing client successes , share the love through appreciation messages, post helpful YouTube videos (even if not yours), patient case studies such as before and after results, highlight online reviews , get patient video reviews , recordings of events, and behind the scenes images to stay in your clients top-of-mind awareness. This ensures a strong social media presence and acts as an additional touch point in the client journey.
Another great way to stay in touch and engaged with existing patients is through informative email updates as part of your email marketing efforts. Provide exclusive promotions to show appreciation for their loyalty. For every 5 pieces of content send out a promotional email. To improve the success of your email marketing, build a database of emails and sanitise that email list regularly, use email verification software to safeguard your email deliverability .
The above is over and above your regular CRM driven emails and SMS which are essential for improve patient retention and boosting attendance.

14. Have a Regular Content Creation Schedule

Content Creation includes creating unique content in the form of article writing, webpages, blog posts, social media posts, video creation (for video marketing and SMM), lead magnet creation, book writing, report writing, infographics, charts, quizzes, posters, and more.

One of the most effective Chiropractic Marketing Tips for staying on top of the content marketing is to develop a content creation roadmap and posting schedule ahead of time. By recognising content creation as another regular business activity, you will soon get into the flow of things and your content creation production will become better and more prolific as you along.

Remember that practice makes perfect but done is better than perfect as many 'perfect content pieces' never see the light of day.
Create valuable content through blog posts, videos, presentations, pdfs, and infographics. Educate your audience on chiropractic care, common concerns, answer FAQs, and share tips and preventive measures. Having a treasure trove of valuable insightful quality content, such as a featured case study, goes a very long way towards improving your online marketing.

15. Organising Community Workshops

Host free workshops to educate the community about posture, stress relief, and spinal health. Partner with local venues to expand your reach and always consider your referral partners and strategic alliances first.

Community workshops are a great way to establish trust and authority and attract new patients into the clinic. Don't forget to make a special offer to those present should anyone want to go for a full chiropractic checkup . If you want to keep it sales free offer a complimentary posture check to those present either on the same day or schedule them into the diary, then upsell to a full examination from there.

16. Help Local Businesses by Sponsoring Events

Support local events and businesses to foster community relationships. Sponsor local health and wellness fairs, seminars, and collaborate with fitness studios.

Find out when they are doing member events, wellness days and offer to support them by adding value. When asked for money contributions instead offer 'new patient examination ' tickets for raising money through a raffle.

There's sometimes a small fee for participating and often the events are used for charity fundraising purposes. Offer to contribute through raffle prices (new patient examination anyone?) and donating a percentage of the sales to their favourite cause.

17. Organise Regular Posture Screening Events

Offer free posture screenings at community events to create awareness and provide personalized recommendations for better posture.
Posture Screenings develop awareness, promote visibility, brand recognition, educate the public, offer a form of community outreach, generate new patients and are an excellent lead generation method . Because you can offer to send a free report or update to those who leave their details on the stand. Those who are in a hurry can leave their details for a free telephone consultation.
By offering regular spinal screening events , you not only promote spinal health awareness but also tap into a remarkable return on investment. On average, screening patients yields an impressive 8-10x ROI . Communicate urgency and aim to have booking dates available on the stand to get those new patients into the diary asap.

Want help implementing the 17 Proven Chiropractic Marketing Ideas?

By implementing some or all of the 17 Proven Chiropractic Marketing ideas shared in this guide, you can establish a strong online presence, nurture patient relationships, and accelerate the growth of your chiropractic clinic. Remember, each strategy complements the others, to form an effective marketing roadmap (plan) that promotes predictable and sustainable growth, patient satisfaction, leading to a thriving clinic.

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